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James grew up in his most impressionable adolescent years in south Seattle's Beacon Hill / Rainer Valley.  

At age 13 he ran a paper route and doubled the revenue of it by making an offer to 100% of the homes on his route (basically just knocking on the door of every home and asking if they wanted to buy the paper).  

However, James quite his paper route shortly after because he got jumped twice by neighborhood thugs who were "protecting their turf" when James was walking down the street to deliver papers.

As a teen, James was fired by most of his jobs, was kicked out of high schools, was arrested at the age of 16, was voted high school class clown twice, and dropped out of four colleges.

In sports, James was a 3-sport varsity high school athlete and played college football.


James made his first 6 figures in his first B2B sales job. On day 1 of employment he learned to send "emails" (this was about the year 2000 and open rates were about 99%).

Against the recommendation of other sales reps, instead of making 60-100 cold calls per day to book appointments, James decided to email his 8000 clients (his manager, who is shown in the side image, gave him this customer list but told him to call them and not email them). 

That first email to 8000 clients made James' phone ring off the hook for 3 months and needless to say, "selling" become incredibly easy for him due to his ability to leverage technology.


James was recruited to work for a small Silicon Valley SaaS company called TeleNav in his early 20’s. After raising over $100 million in funding, the company eventually IPO’d while James was still in his 20’s. 

James being employee # 6 was blessed by the IPO. He'd been the sales and marketing evangelist from California to Florida training over 12,000 B2B sales reps. James’ grew his team to include regional managers from around the country and an entire inside sales team call center.  

TeleNav was the world’s first version of what is now known as Google Maps; the company had their own commercials and even a NASCAR.  

When James left the company (before the IPO), there were over 100s of employees and they’d done over $350 million in sales and their app was pre-loaded on 80% of US based cell phones.


After the IPO, James pursed his passion to be a professional at a sport... so his sport around age 30 was "Bass Fishing".

James name the national championship his first year and almost won if it wasn't for a boat malfunction. 

Over James' entire fishing career (teenager to about 31 years old) he had 14 boats, won 58 tournaments, over $80,000 in cash, and sponsored by the biggest brand names in the sport include Bass Pro Shops, Toyota, Buffalo Wild Wings, and The Team North American Pro Fishing Team. 

His online fishing course has been sold to 1000's of anglers as well:


James had been consulting and working for high-end sales teams off and on during his 20's while also running an executive coaching practice for startups and C-Levels.

James became known as one of the most in-demand closers in the country and was awarded 7 sales trips over his career for being the #1 rated closer amongst all other sales people in a company. 

James' digital agency supports 7-figures in growth six out of eight years and overall James served 48 of the Fortune 500 in either a consulting, agency, or leadership role. 

James also spoke at countless conferencing & trade shows including CES, CTIA, & AT&T Stadium while sharing the stage with some of the world's most elite entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Robert Herjavec.


At the age of 35, the death of a close family member create a drastic shift in James' life.

Through prayer and self-reflection, James finally admitted to himself that he wasn't happy working with or for corporations.  

And... he realized all the leverage in the world was moving into the hands of entrepreneurs and solopreneurs due to major shifts in technology (namely social media, video, and mobile high-speed internet). 

James knew millions of solopreneurs would be coming online over the next few years and virtually all of them would need systems, business processes, coaching, and mentoring in order to survive. 

James' rise in the solopreneur space was quick as he went from being an absolute no-body in the industry to being one of the most in-demand coaches and mentors in the country. 

James' most recent book launched in 2019 (Influence and Income Online) and instantly became an Amazon #1 Best Seller the five biggest entrepreneur categories including Business Consulting, Web Marketing, & Internet Marketing. 


James has now coached over 12k entrepreneurs, published over 10k training videos, and has had "viewer-total-watch-time" break the 2.75 million minute mark.

His main goal now is to drive entrepreneur enablement around the globe.  

James' operations now include a big enablement arm in the Hispanic Community and in India; with plans to equip over 1M entrepreneurs by 2025.