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— Steve Larsen - Sales Funnel Radio Podcast

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— Dave Woodward - Clickfunnels Radio Podcast

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— Henry Kaminski - The Brand Doctor Podcast

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— Jesse Doubek - Jesse Doubek LIVE - 750k+ Followers

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— Arne Giske - Millennial Entrepreneur Community - 74k+ Members

"James blew my audience away and that's hard to do! WOW!"

— Josh Forti - Social Media For Entrepreneurs FB Group - 30k+ Members

"Gold was dropping the entire time... I couldn't believe it!"

— JR Rivas- 6 Figure Digital Marketing Hacks FB Group - 10k+ Members

"Best value out of anyone I've interviewed!"

— Gusten Sundqvist - Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs FB Group

"We never had someone drop this much value! Amazing!"

— Franco Urbaez - Big Dreamers: Digital Marketing Secrets FB Group

"I was blown away with how much value James was willing to share!"

— Naomi Lantzman - Online Fundraising Strategy Podcast

"Never seen someone drop so many bombs in 1 hr!!!"

— Daxy Perez - The Daxi Perex Show on FB & YouTube

"I was literally take notes the entire time James was talking! WOW!"

— Jason Croft - The Jason Croft Show