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Making Your First Money Online (Without Spending Money)

“Can I make good money online and NOT actually spend any of my money?”

This is a great question.

In short, we teach people to use the free / content approach first (meaning you either give something away for free to drive traffic or you create social content posts and drive traffic that way).

Once you’ve made your first sale, celebrate but DO NOT spend that money on anything other than “marketing or people”.

This is how you grow a business in the “solopreneur” space (it’s different when we’re raising capital for companies or helping bigger influencers, with a list, grow).

If you want your business to be real and not just one of those “I got a result, let me make a post about it and become a COACH” businesses (lol),

…than you need to value investing (into yourself and your company).

So if you make $100, spend $75 on Ad Spend and take $25 and go out to dinner or do something you like.

I do think it is important (especially for new entrepreneurs) to spend something on yourself. In fact, I agree with some experts who say, “spend the first dollars on yourself”.

In this game, “momentum” can be everything so celebrate! Do something different, cool, and fun.

Heck – I remember when I was younger and living in L.A. before our IPO, I used to just walk to Yogurtland when we got a small win, and get my favorite combination of frozen yogurt (all the while telling myself “this is SUPER healthy – it’s yogurt” lol).

Anyway, you get my point.

Good energy feeds more good energy (this is true in religious texts like the Bible all the way to recent university studies).

negative energy feeds more negative energy – so make sure you deliberately do something POSITIVE and different from your daily routine even if it seems small.

Coming back to the topic at hand…

…so the idea here is that you continue to run that process.

Use PM/DM, email, SMS, pick up the PHONE(!), post content, etc and dump us sales like an entrepreneur should.

Look – I love “online funnels” but don’t fool yourself – that stuff ain’t “easy” and it doesn’t take “no experience, no skills, no work, no background, no knowledge, in fact - just copy by funnel and start making $19,000 per day.” like you’re sold.

(not hating on the guys who say that – just trying to tell you the truth)

Trust me, if you’re making offers you’ll sell something.

Even my worse sales people can close 10% of the time by mistake (lol).

Then take that income, split it up, and use most of it for Ad Spend to grow your business.

(If your significant other wants some – SORRY! Hahaha. Tell them you’re building a better future and doing what rich people do – they invest.)

Investing means this in a nutshell – “You’re going to lose 90% of the time – get ready for it”

Why do I say that? Lol

Because don’t think Facebook is going to make you a millionaire because you decided to spend $75 on ads.


you can expect to learn something, build on what you learn, and you’ll do it better next time .

You need some patience and remember, probably 90% of what you put into ads (when you’re starting out) is not going to work. But that’s ok and YES, that’s normal when you start.

And trust me, the 10% is all you need to make a fortune. I’ve done deals with two Sharks from Shark Tank in the past – both literally told me the exact same thing about their companies.

They are in the game for the “10%”.

So wow do you win the 10%?

There’s a lot to say here but to me the biggest thing I could tell you is this:

you need to understand “leverage”

  • Watch YT videos on how to run ads so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel (aka leverage)
  • Talk to people and see what ads worked for them (leverage their experiences).
  • Buy a course if you want (but trust me, you don’t need a $997 course to make a ton of $ using FB Ads, there’s so much good free and low cost info out there now its crazy).
  • Use Facebook’s Ad Library tool to spy on other people’s ads, especially competitions, and try a version of what seems to work for them. (massive leverage) (…if you don’t know what that is – Google it)

Overall, these are the types of things that take you from a “online entrepreneur” to being a real “ceo” of your company.

After directly coaching over 600 “internet entrepreneurs” I can say that, 90% of them are amazing at pointing out obvious problems. The 10% who win – are amazing at finding the solution.

You have to think like a CEO, not like a “work from the beach from a laptop internet marketer”.

Honestly – all the times I been to the beach (and I used to live in LA), I can name all the “laptop lifestyle” people I met on 2 fingers (b/c there’s only been twice I actually saw a real millionaire working from the beach on a laptop). Lol

I could go into a lot more but I don’t want to make this too long.

Go get'em family and remember,'s all about attitude.