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How To Make $10,000 Today (in one day)

When I was young, I thought making $100 a day was a lot until I did it at the age of 16.

Then in my early 20's, making $100,000 a year was a lot until I did it at the age of 20.

Then I thought making $100,000 a month was a lot, until I did it by the age of 25.

I could keep going on and on but the big numbers are not the point.

The point is - any number you want to make today is 100% possible, but you got to start off with the right plan.

I've taught this live to over 341 paid students in my seminars and online classes and I have nothing to sell you in this blog. I just know there are a lot of broke people out there still and I want to make sure you're not one of them so here's the entire system for you too:

1 - Write down an offer that they can’t resist and hyper focus on adding things in that. Obliterate the biggest objections you’re going to get - often times these are just talking points that you add into your marketing or sales script.

2 - I’d outline a sales script that allows me to (1) understand their core desire (2) position us as their fastest and most logical option (3) crush and demolish the hyper objections they are going to bring up (4) stack value at the end that makes the asking price ridiculously small (5) close hard but with clarity and ethics — focus on holding them accountable for what they said and wanted most. 

3 - Reach out to all of your old leads, people on your contact list, people you know (don’t worry if this list is small)

4 - Create story driven value posts with a CTA at the end - focus on posting in front of audiences who know you already. DM everyone who engages and push for a phone call. 

5 - DM everyone on your social lists, especially people you don’t know, asking if they know someone who might be interested. This is a cool DM trick we’ve used for years and it makes people feel like you’re not soliciting them, you’re just asking if they know someone. It works and it generated ridiculous income when we started using it.

6 .…and lastly, I’d delete all social media apps off my phone until I hit my goal. 

I've used this over and over again and I even have a B2B version of this I've taught to outside sales reps who sell $200,000 to $20,000,000 offers - it works.

Focus on this if you're struggling or if you need a boost in your business right now.

And remember,'s all about attitude.