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Beating "Overwhelm" When Funnel Building

When I first buy a new web building software platform, the first thing I want to do is MAKE SOME MONEY.

(...most people screw around and 90 days later they invest in something with ZERO return, real business people are not like this. Let me show you my secret system in this blog - you can take it and copy it for yourself.)

Focusing on the money is the smartest thing you can do in business. Revenue is the hardest thing in any business and 95% of the employees don't want anything to do with "revenue". They're great at spending it, but couldn't help you generation $100 if their job literally depended on it.

So this is why I ALWAYS want to make my money back on ANY investment as soon as possible.

I honestly don't care if its $10 or $10,000 - I want to get back that investment as soon as possible - its just in my DNA to think like this and you should too if you want to make money.


I used my system recently to make back a $1000 investment I made into a new online sales funnel software called GROOVE. Here's are my secrets...

  1. I wrote down on a piece of paper what I wanted to offer in this funnel (aka "the offer").
  2. I wrote down who was the most ideal client for this offer and what their biggest objections were most likely going to be.
  3. I wrote out a few possible headlines, what were the main stories I wanted to communicate (these stories need to be (a) a simple story about how this product effected you or will effect them (b) a few stories that lead them past the biggest objections people are doing to have when they see your product).
  4. Then I outlined the pages of the funnel on a piece of paper (wireframing).
  5. Then I committed 3-4 hours to build my first funnel in this software program. I speed watched 40 minutes of training (remember, "sharpen the saw for 45 mins and you'll only cut for 15 minutes"). This first funnel was really rough, it was mostly black and white, and just had placeholder copy on it right now.
  6. Then I grabbed my cell phone and took 45 minutes to shoot, edit on my phone, and upload that video - I included the key stories into my video plus a good call to action and guarantee.
  7. I embed the video into the funnel and match up some good catchy headlines.
  8. Now I work on the sales copy. I play off the video and anything I missed or wasn't clear enough with in the video I'll cover in the text. I also add in a any guarantee and I list out the offer very clearly with bullets.
  9. Now I go to YouZign and create any icons or graphics I need for the site. I'm not a designer so I get ideas by searching through Google images. The I upload those custom icons. Sometimes I'll just grab icons off Google - at this point, I don't care about "copyright" or anything. My website is so small at this point no one will sue you - if you're worried about this, THIS IS EXACTLY WHY YOU PROBABLY STRUGGLE TO MAKE MONEY - because you get hung up on things like this that are irrelevant.
  10. Then I'll add in the products and pricing, make sure the shopping cart is working, and make sure my product is delivered to clients in an automated fashion so I don't have to do anything manual after each order.
  11. Then I do a live, end-to-end test run - reading every line in the funnel, and then launch it.

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Now comes the fun part... MARKETING!

I'll share that in another post. Hopefully this helped you understand what the process really looks like and you can see all that's involved in a basic funnel.

If you want to hire my agency to build online funnels for you that actually make money, email my team and we'll get in touch and see if you're a good fit:

PS. ...and if you're wondering how well this funnel did - it did $1300 in the first 4 hours, we updated it every day for probably 10 days, and within a year it had done over $18,000. This funnel was a complete side hustle, had nothing to do with my real business, and everything was delivered and fulfilled on 100% automation.

PPS...if you're wondering why my "offer" was on this website (aka, what was I selling) - I was selling the Groove affiliate program you get for free when you sign up. So I purchased Groove to sell my real products and coaching services - but in the first 10 days, we learned all about it and made a serious ROI in the process. This is how real online marketing works.

Good luck and let me know if you need anything.